Welcome to SyLiCon Lab.

Systems, Life Sciences and Control Engineering at Tarbiat Modares University

The focus of research in the SyLiCon Lab. is to use engineering tools and capabilities to model, analyze and control (if applicable) complex biological systems using a systems biology approach. Systems biology research is an interdisciplinary effort to gain understanding of the function and control of biological processes using mathematical methods and engineering tricks. The central theme of our research is to carry out “in-silico research on life science”.

We are interested in developing mathematical models to mimic biologic phenomena. We are also developing methods and engineering tools to cope with problems encountering in biological systems. We aim at working on mathematical models of biological systems that can be tested experimentally.

Currently, SyLiCon is focused on areas including development of models for cancer, diabetics and epidemics, as well as building and development of methodologies for identification, sensitivity analysis and application of robust and nonlinear control schemes in biological systems.

All interested researchers are invited to attend our weekly research meetings. We also appreciate any kind of interdisciplinary collaboration.