Control Cafe (Presentations)




Title Presented by Date Notification/Abstract
Application of Complex Network Models in Human Brain Analysis Mr. Hourani 2015/Dec./7
Control of Stochastic Gene Regulatory Networks Based on Impulsive Modeling of Sampling Systems M. Mohammadian 2015/Nov/30  anouncement
The Identification of Genes that Cause Glaucoma using the Combination of Fisher and Wrapper Methods Z. Paylakhi 2015/Nov/23  anouncement
Modeling and Analysis of Infectious diseases S. Azadi 2015/Nov/16  anouncement
Social Networks Analysis and Modeling as a Complex Networks S.M. Nematollah zade 2015/Nov/9  anouncement
Consensus of Delayed Multi-Agent Systems Nikouizade 2015/Oct/31  anouncement
The Identification of Genes that Cause Alzheimer using Microarray Technique Z. Paylakhi 2015/Jul./27  anouncement
Controllability Analysis of Complex Networks R. Rajaei 2015/Jun/29  anouncement
Introduction to Modeling R. Rajaei 2013/Dec/09
Stochastic Modeling of Cancer Stem Cell Fazel Feizollahi 2013/Nov/25   icon%20ketab
Sensivity Analysis and SIMLAB Software M. Zadi 2013/Nov/11   icon%20ketab
Cancer Modeling and Its Treatments N. Sharifi  2013/Oct/07
Synthetic Biology and Tinkrcell Software J. Kazemi 2013/Oct/21   icon%20ketab